Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 137823

Type strain: No

Species: Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans

Culture col. no.: CIP 101032, ATCC 29522, NCTC 10979, CCUG 37002, MCCM 02810, JCM 2434

Strain history: Y. Kosako <-- R. Sakazaki <-- ATCC 29522 <-- CDC B5279 <-- Illinois Dept. Public Health, USA <-- Res. & Educ. Hosp., Chicago, USA.

NCBI tax ID(s): 714 (species)

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Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans CIP 101032 is a mesophilic bacterium of the family Pasteurellaceae.

  1. mesophilic
  2. 16S sequence
  3. Bacteria
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  • [Ref.: #38769] Culture collection no. CIP 101032, ATCC 29522, NCTC 10979, CCUG 37002, MCCM 02810, JCM 2434
    [Ref.: #20218] Associated Passport(s) in StrainInfo 151352, 124183, 124185
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    Enzymology Identification of proteases from periodontopathogenic bacteria as activators of latent human neutrophil and fibroblast-type interstitial collagenases. Sorsa T, Ingman T, Suomalainen K, Haapasalo M, Konttinen YT, Lindy O, Saari H, Uitto VJ Infect Immun 10.1128/iai.60.11.4491-4495.1992 1992 *
    Pathogenicity The mechanisms of Eikenella corrodens aggregation by salivary glycoprotein and the effect of the glycoprotein on oral bacterial aggregation. Ebisu S, Nakae H, Fukuhara H, Okada H J Periodontal Res 10.1111/j.1600-0765.1992.tb01745.x 1992 *
    Biotechnology [Mouse interleukin-1 production by Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans Y4 lipopolysaccharide and augmenting effect of indomethacin on its production]. Tsutsui T, Hanazawa S Meikai Daigaku Shigaku Zasshi 1990 *
    Phylogeny Differentiation among closely related organisms of the Actinobacillus-Haemophilus-Pasteurella group by means of lysozyme and EDTA. Olsen I, Brondz I J Clin Microbiol 10.1128/jcm.22.4.629-636.1985 1985 *
    Phylogeny Immunoglobulin G response to subgingival gram-negative bacteria in human subjects. Naito Y, Okuda K, Takazoe I Infect Immun 10.1128/iai.45.1.47-51.1984 1984 *
    Pathogenicity An evaluation of the action of different root canal irrigants on facultative aerobic-anaerobic, obligate anaerobic, and microaerophilic bacteria. D'Arcangelo C, Varvara G, De Fazio P J Endod 10.1016/S0099-2399(06)81170-2 1999 *
    Pathogenicity A novel factor isolated from Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans stimulates mouse B cells and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Jeong SJ, Yee ST, Jo WS, Yu SH, Lee SH, Lim YJ, Yoo YH, Kim JM, Lee JD, Jeong MH Infect Immun 10.1128/IAI.68.9.5132-5138.2000 2000 *
    Enzymology Detection of antigenic surface proteins of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans using the immunoblotting method. Mineyama R Microbios 2001 *
    Enzymology Parameters associated with cloning in Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. Galli DM, Kerr MS, Fair AD, Permpanich P, LeBlanc DJ Plasmid 10.1006/plas.2001.1556 2002 *
    Pathogenicity Antibacterial effect of zinc phosphate mineralized guided bone regeneration membranes. Chou AH, LeGeros RZ, Chen Z, Li Y Implant Dent 10.1097/ID.0b013e318031224a 2007 *

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