Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 13001

Type strain: No

Species: Pseudomonas stutzeri

Strain Designation: JM300

Culture col. no.: DSM 10701, JCM 21571, IAM 15110

Strain history: IAM 15110 <-- DSM 10701 <-- E. Moore <-- G. J. Stewart <-- B. A. Bryan.

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Pseudomonas stutzeri JM300 is a mesophilic human pathogen that was isolated from anaerobic enrichment from soil.

  1. human pathogen
  2. mesophilic
  3. 16S sequence
  4. Bacteria
  5. genome sequence
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  • [Ref.: #4044] Culture collection no. DSM 10701, JCM 21571, IAM 15110
    [Ref.: #20218] Associated Passport(s) in StrainInfo 162124, 162125
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    Enzymology Isolation and characterization of a nitrite reductase gene and its use as a probe for denitrifying bacteria. Smith GB, Tiedje JM Appl Environ Microbiol 10.1128/aem.58.1.376-384.1992 1992 *
    Enzymology Purification of cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase from Pseudomonas stutzeri JM300 and reconstitution with native and synthetic heme d1. Weeg-Aerssens E, Wu WS, Ye RW, Tiedje JM, Chang CK J Biol Chem S0021-9258(20)89474-5 1991 *
    Metabolism Exchange of chromosomal markers by natural transformation between the soil isolate, Pseudomonas stutzeri JM300, and the marine isolate, Pseudomonas stutzeri strain ZoBell. Stewart GJ, Sinigalliano CD Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 10.1007/BF00582115 1991 *
    Metabolism Steady-state nitric oxide concentrations during denitrification. Goretski J, Zafiriou OC, Hollocher TC J Biol Chem S0021-9258(19)38430-3 1990 *
    Enzymology Isolation, sequencing and mutational analysis of a gene cluster involved in nitrite reduction in Paracoccus denitrificans. de Boer AP, Reijnders WN, Kuenen JG, Stouthamer AH, van Spanning RJ Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 10.1007/BF00871635 1994 *
    Enzymology Structure and regulation of the carAB operon in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas stutzeri: no untranslated region exists. Kwon DH, Lu CD, Walthall DA, Brown TM, Houghton JE, Abdelal AT J Bacteriol 10.1128/jb.176.9.2532-2542.1994 1994 *
    Enzymology Characterization of the structural gene encoding a copper-containing nitrite reductase and homology of this gene to DNA of other denitrifiers. Ye RW, Fries MR, Bezborodnikov SG, Averill BA, Tiedje JM Appl Environ Microbiol 10.1128/aem.59.1.250-254.1993 1993 *
    Phylogeny The naturally transformable marine bacterium WJT-1C formally identified as "Vibrio" is a pseudomonad. Frischer ME, Williams HG, Bennison B, Drake GR, Balkwill DL, Paul JH Curr Microbiol 10.1007/s002849900115 1996 *
    Metabolism Natural genetic transformation of Pseudomonas stutzeri in a non-sterile soil. Sikorski J, Graupner S, Lorenz MG, Wackernagel W Microbiology (Reading) 10.1099/00221287-144-2-569 1998 *
    Genetics Type IV pilus genes pilA and pilC of Pseudomonas stutzeri are required for natural genetic transformation, and pilA can be replaced by corresponding genes from nontransformable species. Graupner S, Frey V, Hashemi R, Lorenz MG, Brandes G, Wackernagel W J Bacteriol 10.1128/JB.182.8.2184-2190.2000 2000 *

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