Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 1693

Type strain: Yes

Species: Bifidobacterium bifidum

Strain Designation: Ti

Strain history: DSM 20456 <-- T. Mitsuoka 4-127 <-- H. Tissier strain Ti.

NCBI tax ID(s): 500634 (strain), 1681 (species)

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@ref: 8828

BacDive-ID: 1693

DSM-Number: 20456

keywords: mesophilic, anaerobe, Bacteria, 16S sequence, genome sequence

description: Bifidobacterium bifidum Ti is an anaerobe, mesophilic bacterium that was isolated from stool of breast-fed infant.

NCBI tax id

NCBI tax idMatching level

strain history

doi: 10.13145/bacdive1693.20220920.7

Name and taxonomic classification


  • @ref: 20215
  • description: domain/bacteria
  • keyword: phylum/actinomycetota
  • domain: Bacteria
  • phylum: Actinomycetota
  • class: Actinomycetes
  • order: Bifidobacteriales
  • family: Bifidobacteriaceae
  • genus: Bifidobacterium
  • species: Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • full scientific name: Bifidobacterium bifidum (Tissier 1900) Orla-Jensen 1924 (Approved Lists 1980)
  • synonyms

    20215Bacterium bifidum
    20215Bacillus bifidus

@ref: 8828

domain: Bacteria

phylum: Actinobacteria

class: Actinobacteria

order: Bifidobacteriales

family: Bifidobacteriaceae

genus: Bifidobacterium

species: Bifidobacterium bifidum

full scientific name: Bifidobacterium bifidum (Tissier 1900) Orla-Jensen 1924 emend. Nouioui et al. 2018

strain designation: Ti

type strain: yes

Culture and growth conditions

culture medium

8828BIFIDOBACTERIUM MEDIUM (DSMZ Medium 58)yes BIFIDOBACTERIUM MEDIUM (DSMZ Medium 58) Composition: Glucose 10.0 g/l Casein peptone 10.0 g/l Bacto Soytone 5.0 g/l Meat extract 5.0 g/l Yeast extract 5.0 g/l L-Cysteine HCl x H2O 0.5 g/l NaHCO3 0.4 g/l NaCl 0.08 g/l MnSO4 x H2O 0.05 g/l KH2PO4 0.04 g/l K2HPO4 0.04 g/l MgSO4 x 7 H2O 0.02 g/l CaCl2 x 2 H2O 0.01 g/l Tween 80 Resazurin Distilled water
35445MEDIUM 20 - for Anaerobic bacteriayesAgar (15.000 g);Glucose (5.000 g);Yeast extract (20.000 g);Tryptone (30.000 g);Cysteine hydrochloride (0.500 g);distilled water (1000.000 ml);Hemin solution -M00149 (25.000 ml)

culture temp


Physiology and metabolism

oxygen tolerance

  • @ref: 8828
  • oxygen tolerance: anaerobe


  • @ref: 8828
  • murein short key: A21.07
  • type: A4ß L-Orn-D-Ser-D-Asp

metabolite utilization

@refmetaboliteutilization activitykind of utilization testedChebi-ID
68371Potassium 2-ketogluconate-builds acid from
68371gluconate-builds acid from24265
68371L-arabitol-builds acid from18403
68371D-arabitol-builds acid from18333
68371L-fucose-builds acid from18287
68371D-fucose-builds acid from28847
68371D-tagatose-builds acid from16443
68371D-lyxose-builds acid from62318
68371turanose-builds acid from32528
68371gentiobiose-builds acid from28066
68371xylitol-builds acid from17151
68371glycogen-builds acid from28087
68371starch-builds acid from28017
68371raffinose-builds acid from16634
68371melezitose-builds acid from6731
68371inulin-builds acid from15443
68371trehalose-builds acid from27082
68371cellobiose-builds acid from17057
68371salicin-builds acid from17814
68371arbutin-builds acid from18305
68371amygdalin-builds acid from27613
68371N-acetylglucosamine-builds acid from59640
68371methyl alpha-D-glucopyranoside-builds acid from320061
68371methyl alpha-D-mannoside-builds acid from43943
68371D-sorbitol-builds acid from17924
68371D-mannitol-builds acid from16899
68371myo-inositol-builds acid from17268
68371galactitol-builds acid from16813
68371L-rhamnose-builds acid from62345
68371D-fructose+builds acid from15824
68371methyl beta-D-xylopyranoside-builds acid from74863
68371ribitol-builds acid from15963
68371L-xylose-builds acid from65328
68371D-xylose-builds acid from65327
68371D-ribose-builds acid from16988
68371L-arabinose-builds acid from30849
68371D-arabinose-builds acid from17108
68371erythritol-builds acid from17113
68371glycerol-builds acid from17754

API 50CHac


Isolation, sampling and environmental information


@refsample type
8828stool of breast-fed infant
67770Feces of a breast-fed infant

isolation source categories

#Host Body Product#Gastrointestinal tract#Feces (Stool)

Safety information

risk assessment

  • @ref: 8828
  • biosafety level: 1
  • biosafety level comment: Risk group (German classification)

Sequence information

16S sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionlengthdatabaseNCBI tax ID
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum (ATCC 29521) 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partialM84777642ena1681
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM 20456 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceHM0075781344ena500634
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM 20456 = JCM 1255 16S ribosomal RNA gene and 16S-23S ribosomal RNA intergenic spacer, partial sequenceJQ347252742ena500634
2021816S rRNA [Bifidobacterium bifidum, DSM 20456T, Genomic, 1532 nt]S836241532ena1681
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: JCM 1255AB116283477ena500634
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: JCM 1255AB507078668ena500634
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum strain KCTC 3202 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceGU3618131480ena1681
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum strain KCTC 3202 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceU259511488ena1681
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum KCTC 3202 16S rRNA geneU259521488ena1681
20218Bifidobacterium bifidum gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: NBRC 100015AB6811291453ena1681
67770Bifidobacterium bifidum gene for 16S ribosomal RNA, partial sequenceAB4373561519ena1681
67770B.bifidum small subunit ribosomal RNA geneM380181532ena500634

Genome sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionassembly leveldatabaseNCBI tax ID
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum NCTC13001GCA_900637095completencbi1681
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 JCM 1255GCA_001025135completencbi500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum LMG 11041GCA_000741085contigncbi1681
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 DSM 20456GCA_000771485contigncbi500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 ATCC 29521GCA_000466525scaffoldncbi500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 Bifidobacterium_bifidum_MC1GCA_901212485scaffoldncbi500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255500634.3wgspatric500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456500634.6completepatric500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456500634.4wgspatric500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 strain Bifidobacterium_bifidum_MC1500634.12wgspatric500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum strain LMG 110411681.23wgspatric1681
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum strain NCTC130011681.149completepatric1681
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum LMG 110412597490229draftimg1681
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 295212848061456completeimg500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 295212700989374draftimg500634
66792Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 295212541047090draftimg500634
67770Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 DNA, complete genomeAP012323ena500634
67770Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456 strain ATCC 29521, whole genome shotgun sequencing projectAWSW00000000ncbi500634
67770Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 29521 = JCM 1255 = DSM 20456, whole genome shotgun sequencing projectJDUM00000000ncbi500634
67770Bifidobacterium bifidum strain LMG 11041, whole genome shotgun sequencing projectJGYO00000000ncbi1681

External links

@ref: 8828

culture collection no.: DSM 20456, ATCC 29521, JCM 1255, BCRC 11845, BCRC 14615, CCUG 18364, CCUG 45217, CECT 870, CGMCC 1.2212, CIP 56.7, HAMBI 1380, IFO 14252, KCTC 3202, KCTC 3281, LMG 11041, LMG 8810, NBRC 100015, NBRC 14252, NCAIM B.02021, NCFB 2715, NCIMB 702715, NCTC 13001, VTT E-97795

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Phylogeny1371060Phylogenetic evidence for the transfer of Eubacterium suis to the genus Actinomyces as Actinomyces suis comb. nov.Ludwig W, Kirchhof G, Weizenegger M, Weiss NInt J Syst Bacteriol10.1099/00207713-42-1-1611992Actinomyces/*classification/genetics, Base Sequence, Eubacterium/*classification/genetics, Molecular Sequence Data, RNA, Bacterial/*chemistry, RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/*chemistryGenetics
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Phylogeny29300153Bifidobacterium catulorum sp. nov., a novel taxon from the faeces of the baby common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus).Modesto M, Michelini S, Oki K, Biavati B, Watanabe K, Mattarelli PInt J Syst Evol Microbiol10.1099/ijsem.0.0025452018Aldehyde-Lyases/genetics, Animals, Bacterial Typing Techniques, Base Composition, Bifidobacterium/*classification/genetics/isolation & purification, Callithrix/*microbiology, Chaperonin 60/genetics, DNA, Bacterial/genetics, Feces/microbiology, Genes, Bacterial, Peptidoglycan/chemistry, *Phylogeny, RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/genetics, Sequence Analysis, DNATranscriptome
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Metabolism30880149Purified thioredoxin reductase from O2-sensitive Bifidobacterium bifidum degrades H2O2 by interacting with alkyl hydroperoxide reductase.Satoh T, Todoroki M, Kobayashi K, Niimura Y, Kawasaki SAnaerobe10.1016/j.anaerobe.2019.03.0122019Anaerobiosis, Bifidobacterium bifidum/*enzymology/metabolism, Hydrogen Peroxide/*metabolism, Oxidants/*metabolism, Oxygen/metabolism/toxicity, Peroxiredoxins/*metabolism, Thioredoxin-Disulfide Reductase/isolation & purification/*metabolismEnzymology
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34663045In vitro prebiotic evaluation of exopolysaccharides produced by marine isolated lactic acid bacteria.Hongpattarakere T, Cherntong N, Wichienchot S, Kolida S, Rastall RACarbohydr Polym10.1016/j.carbpol.2011.08.0852011


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67770Curators of the JCM
68371Automatically annotated from API 50CH acid