Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 162460

Type strain: No

Species: Unidentified bacterium

Strain history: T. Sawabe NW5.

NCBI tax ID(s): 1869227 (species)

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@ref: 67770

BacDive-ID: 162460

description: Unidentified bacterium JCM 19276 is a prokaryote of the family Not assigned to family.

NCBI tax id

  • NCBI tax id: 1869227
  • Matching level: species

strain history

  • @ref: 67770
  • history: T. Sawabe NW5.

doi: 10.13145/bacdive162460.20240510.9

Name and taxonomic classification

@ref: 67770

phylum: Not assigned to order

class: Not assigned to order

order: Not assigned to order

family: Not assigned to family

genus: Not assigned to family

species: Unidentified bacterium

full scientific name: Unidentified bacterium

type strain: no

Culture and growth conditions

culture temp

  • @ref: 67770
  • growth: positive
  • type: growth
  • temperature: 30

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@ref: 67770

culture collection no.: JCM 19276


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