Total strains: 89,545

Type strains: 16,105

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  Sorry, nothing found for taxid:545693. Did you mean: Stappia indica; Bacillus sp.; Hamadaea sp.; Tardiphaga sp.; Baekduia sp.; More entries? BacDive is the worldwide largest database for standardized bacterial information.
Its mission is to mobilize and integrate research data on strain level from diverse sources and make it freely accessible. Read more.

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  • colony-forming
  • motile
  • chemoorganotroph
  • facultative anaerobe

Pannonibacter phragmitetus C6/19 is a facultative anaerobe, chemoorganotroph, mesophilic bacterium that forms circular colonies and was isolated from surface of decomposing reed rhizomes.

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A new BacDive release is online since December 2021 comprising the largest update in the history of BacDive.

Compared to the major update in 2020, the overall data content has increased by 80 %. Currently we offer metadata on 89,545 strains, including 16,105 type strains.

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