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Pectobacterium carotovorum BS 1008 is an aerobe, mesophilic plant pathogen that was isolated from potato.

  1. aerobe
  2. mesophilic
  3. plant pathogen
  4. 16S sequence
  5. Bacteria
  6. genome sequence
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  • [Ref.: #9177] Culture collection no. DSM 30168, ATCC 15713, CCM 1008, NCPPB 312, CCUG 4907, ICMP 5702
    [Ref.: #20218] Associated Passport(s) in StrainInfo 10106, 10101, 98574, 10102, 10109
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    Phylogeny [Polyamines in representative taxa of coryneform and other bacteria]. Gvozdiak OP, Chernaia NE Mikrobiol Zh 1990 *
    Phylogeny Elevation of three subspecies of Pectobacterium carotovorum to species level: Pectobacterium atrosepticum sp. nov., Pectobacterium betavasculorum sp. nov. and Pectobacterium wasabiae sp. nov. Gardan L, Gouy C, Christen R, Samson R Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 10.1099/ijs.0.02423-0 2003 *
    Pathogenicity Antimicrobial activity of some macrophytes from Lake Manzalah (Egypt). Fareed MF, Haroon AM, Rabeh SA Pak J Biol Sci 10.3923/pjbs.2008.2454.2463 2008 *
    Genetics Draft Genome Sequence for ICMP 5702, the Type Strain of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum That Causes Soft Rot Disease on Potato. Panda P, Lu A, Armstrong KF, Pitman AR Genome Announc 10.1128/genomeA.00875-15 2015 *
    Pathogenicity Tomato as a New Host of Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora in Argentina. Alippi AM, Bo ED, Ronco LB, Casanova PE, Aguilar OM Plant Dis 10.1094/PDIS.1997.81.2.230A 1997 *
    Phylogeny Elevation of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. odoriferum to species level as Pectobacterium odoriferum sp. nov., proposal of Pectobacterium brasiliense sp. nov. and Pectobacterium actinidiae sp. nov., emended description of Pectobacterium carotovorum and description of Pectobacterium versatile sp. nov., isolated from streams and symptoms on diverse plants. Portier P, Pedron J, Taghouti G, Fischer-Le Saux M, Caullireau E, Bertrand C, Laurent A, Chawki K, Oulgazi S, Moumni M, Andrivon D, Dutrieux C, Faure D, Helias V, Barny MA Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 10.1099/ijsem.0.003611 2019 *
    Versatile Antagonistic Activities of Soil-Borne Bacillus spp. and Pseudomonas spp. against Phytophthora infestans and Other Potato Pathogens. Caulier S, Gillis A, Colau G, Licciardi F, Liepin M, Desoignies N, Modrie P, Legreve A, Mahillon J, Bragard C Front Microbiol 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00143 2018 *
    Occurrence of Potato Soft Rot Caused by Erwinia carotovora (synonym Pectobacterium carotovorum) in Nepal: A First Report. Lamichhane JR, Balestra GM, Varvaro L Plant Dis 10.1094/PDIS-94-3-0382C 2010 *
    First Report of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum on Spathiphyllum wallisii in Argentina. Alippi AM, Lopez AC Plant Dis 10.1094/PDIS-93-8-0842C 2009 *
    Genome Wide Analysis of the Potato Soft Rot Pathogen Pectobacterium carotovorum Strain ICMP 5702 to Predict Novel Insights into Its Genetic Features. Mallick T, Mishra R, Mohanty S, Joshi RK Plant Pathol J 10.5423/PPJ.OA.12.2021.0190 2022 *

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