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BacDive ID: 1127

Type strain: Yes

Species: Shouchella clausii

Strain Designation: PN 23, C 360

Culture col. no.: DSM 8716, ATCC 700160, CIP 104718, NCIB 10309, CCUG 47262, NCIMB 10309, LMG 17945

Strain history: <- NCIMB <- Novo Industri; C 360

NCBI tax ID(s): 79880 (species)

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Shouchella clausii PN 23 is an aerobe, mesophilic bacterium that was isolated from garden soil.

  1. aerobe
  2. mesophilic
  3. 16S sequence
  4. Bacteria
  5. genome sequence
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  • [Ref.: #3246] Culture collection no. DSM 8716, ATCC 700160, CIP 104718, NCIB 10309, CCUG 47262, NCIMB 10309, LMG 17945
    [Ref.: #20218] Associated Passport(s) in StrainInfo 55120, 117623, 55119, 161119, 117625
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    Genetics Chromosomal aadD2 encodes an aminoglycoside nucleotidyltransferase in Bacillus clausii. Bozdogan B, Galopin S, Gerbaud G, Courvalin P, Leclercq R Antimicrob Agents Chemother 10.1128/AAC.47.4.1343-1346.2003 2003 *
    Pathogenicity Characterization of a new erm-related macrolide resistance gene present in probiotic strains of Bacillus clausii. Bozdogan B, Galopin S, Leclercq R Appl Environ Microbiol 10.1128/AEM.70.1.280-284.2004 2004 *
    Biotechnology Tolerance to challenges miming gastrointestinal transit by spores and vegetative cells of Bacillus clausii. Cenci G, Trotta F, Caldini G J Appl Microbiol 10.1111/j.1365-2672.2006.03042.x 2006 *
    Phylogeny Bacillus rhizosphaerae sp. nov., an novel diazotrophic bacterium isolated from sugarcane rhizosphere soil. Madhaiyan M, Poonguzhali S, Lee JS, Lee KC, Hari K Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 10.1007/s10482-011-9600-3 2011 *
    Phylogeny Bacillus shacheensis sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a saline-alkali soil. Lei Z, Qiu P, Ye R, Tian J, Liu Y, Wang L, Tang SK, Li WJ, Tian Y J Gen Appl Microbiol DN/JST.JSTAGE/jgam/60.101 2014 *
    Enzymology (R,R)-Butane-2,3-diol dehydrogenase from Bacillus clausii DSM 8716(T): Cloning and expression of the bdhA-gene, and initial characterization of enzyme. Muschallik L, Molinnus D, Bongaerts J, Pohl M, Wagner T, Schoning MJ, Siegert P, Selmer T J Biotechnol 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2017.07.020 2017 *
    Phylogeny Genome-based reclassification of Bacillus plakortidis Borchert et al. 2007 and Bacillus lehensis Ghosh et al. 2007 as a later heterotypic synonym of Bacillus oshimensis Yumoto et al. 2005; Bacillus rhizosphaerae Madhaiyan et al. 2011 as a later heterotypic synonym of Bacillus clausii Nielsen et al. 1995. Liu GH, Narsing Rao MP, Dong ZY, Wang JP, Che JM, Chen QQ, Sengonca C, Liu B, Li WJ Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 10.1007/s10482-019-01299-z 2019 *
    Enzymology Synthesis of alpha-hydroxy ketones and vicinal (R,R)-diols by Bacillus clausii DSM 8716(T) butanediol dehydrogenase. Muschallik L, Molinnus D, Jablonski M, Kipp CR, Bongaerts J, Pohl M, Wagner T, Schoning MJ, Selmer T, Siegert P RSC Adv 10.1039/d0ra02066d 2020 *
    Probiotic characterization of Bacillus subtilis P223 isolated from kimchi. Jeon HL, Lee NK, Yang SJ, Kim WS, Paik HD Food Sci Biotechnol 10.1007/s10068-017-0148-5 2017 *
    Effect of Physical and Chemical Treatments on Viability, Sub-Lethal Injury, and Release of Cellular Components from Bacillus clausii and Bacillus coagulans Spores and Cells. Bevilacqua A, Petruzzi L, Sinigaglia M, Speranza B, Campaniello D, Ciuffreda E, Corbo MR Foods 10.3390/foods9121814 2020 *

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