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Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 6674

Type strain: Yes

Species: Companilactobacillus nodensis

Strain Designation: IZ4B, iz4b-1

Strain history: T. Kashiwagi iz4b-1.

NCBI tax ID(s): 460870 (species)

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@ref: 8253

BacDive-ID: 6674

DSM-Number: 19682

keywords: genome sequence, 16S sequence, Bacteria, microaerophile, mesophilic, Gram-positive, rod-shaped

description: Companilactobacillus nodensis IZ4B is a microaerophile, mesophilic, Gram-positive bacterium that was isolated from Japanese pickles.

NCBI tax id

  • NCBI tax id: 460870
  • Matching level: species

strain history

doi: 10.13145/bacdive6674.20221219.7.1

Name and taxonomic classification


  • @ref: 20215
  • description: domain/bacteria
  • keyword: phylum/bacillota
  • domain: Bacteria
  • phylum: Bacillota
  • class: Bacilli
  • order: Lactobacillales
  • family: Lactobacillaceae
  • genus: Companilactobacillus
  • species: Companilactobacillus nodensis
  • full scientific name: Companilactobacillus nodensis (Kashiwagi et al. 2009) Zheng et al. 2020
  • synonyms

    • @ref: 20215
    • synonym: Lactobacillus nodensis

@ref: 8253

domain: Bacteria

phylum: Firmicutes

class: Bacilli

order: Lactobacillales

family: Lactobacillaceae

genus: Companilactobacillus

species: Companilactobacillus nodensis

full scientific name: Companilactobacillus nodensis (Kashiwagi et al. 2009) Zheng et al. 2020

strain designation: IZ4B, iz4b-1

type strain: yes


cell morphology

@refgram staincell lengthcell widthcell shapemotilityconfidence
32611positive5 µm1.8 µmrod-shapedno

Culture and growth conditions

culture medium

8253MRS MEDIUM (DSMZ Medium 11)yeshttps://mediadive.dsmz.de/medium/11Name: MRS MEDIUM (DSMZ Medium 11) Composition: Glucose 20.0 g/l Casein peptone 10.0 g/l Meat extract 10.0 g/l Na-acetate 5.0 g/l Yeast extract 5.0 g/l (NH4)3 citrate 2.0 g/l K2HPO4 2.0 g/l Tween 80 1.0 g/l MgSO4 x 7 H2O 0.2 g/l MnSO4 x H2O 0.05 g/l Distilled water
40607MEDIUM 40- for Lactobacillus and LeuconostocyesDistilled water make up to (1000.000 ml);Man Rogosa Sharp agar (68.000 g)

culture temp


Physiology and metabolism

oxygen tolerance

@refoxygen tolerance

spore formation

@refspore formationconfidence


@refsaltgrowthtested relationconcentrationhalophily levelconfidence
32611NaClpositivegrowth0-15 %
32611NaClpositiveoptimum7.5 %


  • @ref: 8253
  • murein short key: A11.31
  • type: A4alpha L-Lys-D-Asp

metabolite utilization

@refChebi-IDmetaboliteutilization activitykind of utilization tested
3261122599arabinose+carbon source
3261128757fructose+carbon source
3261128260galactose+carbon source
3261117234glucose+carbon source
3261137684mannose+carbon source
32611506227N-acetylglucosamine+carbon source
3261133942ribose+carbon source
68371Potassium 5-ketogluconate-builds acid from
68371Potassium 2-ketogluconate-builds acid from
6837124265gluconate-builds acid from
6837118403L-arabitol-builds acid from
6837118333D-arabitol-builds acid from
6837118287L-fucose-builds acid from
6837128847D-fucose-builds acid from
6837116443D-tagatose-builds acid from
6837162318D-lyxose-builds acid from
6837132528turanose-builds acid from
6837128066gentiobiose-builds acid from
6837117151xylitol-builds acid from
6837128087glycogen-builds acid from
6837128017starch-builds acid from
6837116634raffinose-builds acid from
683716731melezitose-builds acid from
6837115443inulin-builds acid from
6837127082trehalose-builds acid from
6837117992sucrose-builds acid from
6837128053melibiose-builds acid from
6837117716lactose-builds acid from
6837117306maltose-builds acid from
6837117057cellobiose-builds acid from
6837117814salicin-builds acid from
683714853esculin+builds acid from
6837118305arbutin-builds acid from
6837127613amygdalin-builds acid from
6837159640N-acetylglucosamine+builds acid from
68371320061methyl alpha-D-glucopyranoside-builds acid from
6837143943methyl alpha-D-mannoside-builds acid from
6837117924D-sorbitol-builds acid from
6837116899D-mannitol-builds acid from
6837117268myo-inositol-builds acid from
6837116813galactitol-builds acid from
6837162345L-rhamnose-builds acid from
6837117266L-sorbose-builds acid from
6837116024D-mannose+builds acid from
6837115824D-fructose+builds acid from
6837117634D-glucose+builds acid from
6837112936D-galactose+builds acid from
6837174863methyl beta-D-xylopyranoside-builds acid from
6837115963ribitol-builds acid from
6837165328L-xylose-builds acid from
6837165327D-xylose-builds acid from
6837116988D-ribose-builds acid from
6837130849L-arabinose-builds acid from
6837117108D-arabinose+builds acid from
6837117113erythritol-builds acid from
6837117754glycerol-builds acid from

API 50CHac


Isolation, sampling and environmental information


@refsample typegeographic locationcountryorigin.countrycontinent
8253Japanese picklesTochigi prefecture, Utsunomiya cityJapanJPNAsia
67770Rice bran

isolation source categories

  • Cat1: #Engineered
  • Cat2: #Food production
  • Cat3: #Food


  • @ref: 69479
  • File name: preview.99_3365.png
  • url: https://microbeatlas.org/index.html?action=taxon&taxon_id=90_45;96_1756;97_2100;98_2579;99_3365&stattab=map
  • Last taxonomy: Companilactobacillus
  • 16S sequence: LC258158
  • Sequence Identity:
  • Total samples: 357
  • soil counts: 37
  • aquatic counts: 22
  • animal counts: 270
  • plant counts: 28

Safety information

risk assessment

  • @ref: 8253
  • biosafety level: 1
  • biosafety level comment: Risk group (German classification)

Sequence information

16S sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionlengthdatabaseNCBI tax ID
8253Lactobacillus nodensis gene for 16S ribosomal RNA, partial sequenceAB3320241556ena460870
67770Lactobacillus nodensis gene for 16S ribosomal RNA, partial sequence, strain: JCM 14932LC2581581513ena460870

Genome sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionassembly leveldatabaseNCBI tax ID
66792Lactobacillus nodensis DSM 19682 = JCM 14932 = NBRC 1071601423775.4wgspatric1423775
66792Lactobacillus nodensis DSM 19682 = JCM 14932 = NBRC 1071601423775.5wgspatric1423775
66792Lactobacillus nodensis JCM 149321236953.3wgspatric1423775
66792Lactobacillus nodensis JCM 149322585427881draftimg1423775
66792Lactobacillus nodensis NBRC 1071602681812987draftimg1423775
66792Lactobacillus nodensis DSM 196822690315703draftimg1423775
67770Companilactobacillus nodensis DSM 19682 = JCM 14932 = NBRC 107160 DSM 19682GCA_001435555scaffoldncbi1423775
67770Companilactobacillus nodensis DSM 19682 = JCM 14932 = NBRC 107160 JCM 14932GCA_000615905contigncbi1423775
67770Companilactobacillus nodensis DSM 19682 = JCM 14932 = NBRC 107160 NBRC 107160GCA_001592065contigncbi1423775
66792Neisseria gonorrhoeae GC-199GCA_006225475contigpatric485
66792Enterococcus faecalis BIRD-63GCA_014855265contigpatric1351
66792Klebsiella pneumoniae IR1230_1GCA_023573705completepatric573

GC content

6777037.6genome sequence analysis
6777040.6high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

External links

@ref: 8253

culture collection no.: DSM 19682, CIP 109958, JCM 14932, NBRC 107160

straininfo link



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40607Curators of the CIPhttps://brclims.pasteur.fr/brcWeb/souche/detail/1/7760
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67770Curators of the JCMhttps://jcm.brc.riken.jp/en/
68371Automatically annotated from API 50CH acid
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