Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 15310

Type strain: Yes

Species: Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus

Strain Designation: BJ 6

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@ref: 9826

BacDive-ID: 15310

DSM-Number: 40823

keywords: mesophilic, Bacteria, 16S sequence, genome sequence, antibiotic compound production

description: Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus BJ 6 is a mesophilic bacterium that produces antibiotic compounds and was isolated from soil.

strain history: <- H.D. Tresner, BJ 6

doi: 10.13145/bacdive15310.20201210.5

Name and taxonomic classification


  • @ref: 20215
  • description: domain/bacteria
  • keyword: phylum/actinobacteria
  • domain: Bacteria
  • phylum: Actinobacteria
  • class: Actinobacteria
  • order: Streptomycetales
  • family: Streptomycetaceae
  • genus: Streptomyces
  • species: Streptomyces platensis
  • full scientific name: Streptomyces platensis Tresner and Backus 1956 (Approved Lists 1980)
  • synonyms

    20215Streptomyces libani subsp. rufus
    20215Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus
    20215Streptomyces glebosus

@ref: 9826

domain: Bacteria

phylum: Actinobacteria

class: Actinobacteria

order: Actinomycetales

family: Streptomycetaceae

genus: Streptomyces

species: Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus

full scientific name: Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus Ohmori et al. 1962

strain designation: BJ 6

type strain: yes

Culture and growth conditions

culture medium

39729MEDIUM 129 - for Pseudonocardia, Nocardia, Skermania and Streptomyces seoulensis, Streptomyces stramineusyesDistilled water make up to (1000.000 ml);Agar (20.000 g);Glucose (10.000g);Yeast extract (1.000 g);Beef extract (1.000 g);Casamino acids (2.000 g)

culture temp


Physiology and metabolism

compound production

  • @ref: 9826
  • compound: glebomycin

Isolation, sampling and environmental information


  • @ref: 9826
  • sample type: soil

isolation source categories

  • Cat1: #Environmental
  • Cat2: #Terrestrial
  • Cat3: #Soil

Safety information

risk assessment

  • @ref: 9826
  • biosafety level: 1
  • biosafety level comment: Risk group (German classification)

Sequence information

16S sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionlengthdatabaseNCBI tax ID
20218Streptomyces hygroscopicus 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceU72167269ena1912
20218Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequenceAB122754565ena249580
20218Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: NBRC 13786AB1844791474ena249580
20218Streptomyces glebosus strain NRRL B-3248 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceEU1701201450ena249580
20218Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus 16S rRNA gene, type strain LMG 19950AJ7813861481ena249580
20218Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. glebosus strain CGMCC 4.1873 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequenceHQ2444561373ena249580

Genome sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionassembly leveldatabaseNCBI tax ID
66792Streptomyces glebosus NBRC 13786GCA_009811575contigncbi249580
66792Streptomyces glebosus strain NBRC 13786249580.3wgspatric249580

External links

@ref: 9826

culture collection no.: DSM 40823, ATCC 14607, CGMCC 4.1873, CIP 106832, IFO 13786, IFO 13982, JCM 4954, LMG 19950, NBRC 13786, NBRC 13982, NRRL B-3248

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9826Curators of the DSMZLeibniz Institut DSMZ-Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH (DSM 40823)
20215D.Gleim, M.Kracht, N.Weiss et. al. Nomenclature Up-to-date - compilation of all names of Bacteria and Archaea, validly published according to the Bacteriological Code since 1. Jan. 1980, and validly published nomenclatural changes since
20218Verslyppe, B., De Smet, W., De Baets, B., De Vos, P., Dawyndt P.10.1016/j.syapm.2013.11.002StrainInfo introduces electronic passports for microorganisms.Syst Appl Microbiol. 37: 42-50 201424321274
39729Curators of the CIP
66792Julia Koblitz, Joaquim Sardà, Lorenz Christian Reimer, Boyke Bunk, Jörg Overmann annotated for the DiASPora project (Digital Approaches for the Synthesis of Poorly Accessible Biodiversity Information)