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Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 135387

Type strain: No

Species: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

NCBI tax ID(s): 287 (species)

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@ref: 34493

BacDive-ID: 135387

keywords: Bacteria, mesophilic

description: Pseudomonas aeruginosa CIP 104060 is a mesophilic bacterium of the family Pseudomonadaceae.

NCBI tax id

  • NCBI tax id: 287
  • Matching level: species

doi: 10.13145/bacdive135387.20221219.7.1

Name and taxonomic classification


  • @ref: 20215
  • description: domain/bacteria
  • keyword: phylum/pseudomonadota
  • domain: Bacteria
  • phylum: Pseudomonadota
  • class: Gammaproteobacteria
  • order: Pseudomonadales
  • family: Pseudomonadaceae
  • genus: Pseudomonas
  • species: Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • full scientific name: Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Schroeter 1872) Migula 1900 (Approved Lists 1980)
  • synonyms

    • @ref: 20215
    • synonym: Bacterium aeruginosum

@ref: 34493

domain: Bacteria

phylum: Proteobacteria

class: Gammaproteobacteria

order: Pseudomonadales

family: Pseudomonadaceae

genus: Pseudomonas

species: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

type strain: no

Culture and growth conditions

culture medium

  • @ref: 34493
  • name: MEDIUM 3 - Columbia agar
  • growth: yes
  • composition: Columbia agar (39.000 g);distilled water (1000.000 ml)

culture temp

  • @ref: 34493
  • growth: positive
  • type: growth
  • temperature: 30
  • range: mesophilic

Isolation, sampling and environmental information


@refgeographic locationcountryorigin.countrycontinentsampling date
34493MinnesotaUSAUSANorth America
48287St PaulUSAUSANorth America1981

External links

@ref: 34493

culture collection no.: CIP 104060, ATCC 49189, CCUG 25895

straininfo link



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20215Parte, A.C., Sardà Carbasse, J., Meier-Kolthoff, J.P., Reimer, L.C. and Göker, M.List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN) moves to the DSMZ10.1099/ijsem.0.004332
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34493Curators of the CIPhttps://brclims.pasteur.fr/brcWeb/souche/detail/1/15926 Collection of Institut Pasteur (CIP 104060)
48287Curators of the CCUGhttps://www.ccug.se/strain?id=25895Culture Collection University of Gothenburg (CCUG) (CCUG 25895)