Strain identifier

BacDive ID: 130435

Type strain: Yes

Species: Nesterenkonia populi

Strain Designation: GP10-3

Strain history: <- Cheng-hang Sun, Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, China

NCBI tax ID(s): 1591087 (species)

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@ref: 21687

BacDive-ID: 130435

DSM-Number: 27959

keywords: aerobe, Bacteria, 16S sequence, genome sequence, mesophilic

description: Nesterenkonia populi GP10-3 is an aerobe, mesophilic bacterium that was isolated from plant, bark sample of Populus euphratica.

NCBI tax id

  • NCBI tax id: 1591087
  • Matching level: species

strain history

doi: 10.13145/bacdive130435.20220920.7

Name and taxonomic classification


  • @ref: 20215
  • description: domain/bacteria
  • keyword: phylum/actinomycetota
  • domain: Bacteria
  • phylum: Actinomycetota
  • class: Actinomycetes
  • order: Micrococcales
  • family: Micrococcaceae
  • genus: Nesterenkonia
  • species: Nesterenkonia populi
  • full scientific name: Nesterenkonia populi Liu et al. 2015

@ref: 21687

domain: Bacteria

phylum: Actinobacteria

class: Actinobacteria

order: Actinomycetales

family: Micrococcaceae

genus: Nesterenkonia

species: Nesterenkonia populi

full scientific name: Nesterenkonia populi Liu et al. 2015

strain designation: GP10-3

type strain: yes

Culture and growth conditions

culture medium

  • @ref: 21687
  • growth: yes
  • link:
  • composition: Name: MODIFIED BACTO MARINE BROTH (DSMZ Medium 514d) Composition: Difco marine broth 37.4 g/l Agar 15.0 g/l Malt extract 1.0 g/l Soy peptone 1.0 g/l Pancreatic digest of casein 1.0 g/l Distilled water

culture temp


Physiology and metabolism

oxygen tolerance

  • @ref: 67771
  • oxygen tolerance: aerobe


  • @ref: 67770
  • observation: quinones: MK-8, MK-7

Isolation, sampling and environmental information


@refsample typehost speciesgeographic locationcountryorigin.countrycontinent
21687plant, bark sample of Populus euphraticaPopulus euphraticaXinjiang, Taklimakan desertChinaCHNAsia
67770Bark of Populus euphratica on the southern edge of the Taklimakan DesertPopulus euphraticaXinjiangChinaCHNAsia
67771From PlantChinaCHNAsia

isolation source categories

#Host Body-Site#Plant#Bark

Safety information

risk assessment

  • @ref: 21687
  • biosafety level: 1
  • biosafety level comment: Risk group (German classification)

Sequence information

16S sequences

  • @ref: 21687
  • description: Nesterenkonia populi strain GP10-3 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence
  • accession: KP057085
  • length: 1481
  • database: ena
  • NCBI tax ID: 1591087

Genome sequences

@refdescriptionaccessionassembly leveldatabaseNCBI tax ID
66792Nesterenkonia populi DSM 27959GCA_007994735contigncbi1591087
66792Nesterenkonia populi strain DSM 279591591087.3wgspatric1591087

GC content

  • @ref: 21687
  • GC-content: 67.4
  • method: high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

External links

@ref: 21687

culture collection no.: DSM 27959, JCM 31979, KCTC 29119


Phylogeny25701851Nesterenkonia populi sp. nov., an actinobacterium isolated from Populus euphratica.Liu JM, Tuo L, Habden X, Guo L, Jiang ZK, Liu XF, Chen L, Zhang YQ, Sun CHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol10.1099/ijs.0.0001232015Bacterial Typing Techniques, Base Composition, China, DNA, Bacterial/genetics, Fatty Acids/chemistry, Micrococcaceae/*classification/genetics/isolation & purification, Molecular Sequence Data, Nucleic Acid Hybridization, Peptidoglycan/chemistry, Phospholipids/chemistry, *Phylogeny, Plant Bark/microbiology, Populus/*microbiology, RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/genetics, Sequence Analysis, DNA, Vitamin K 2/chemistryGenetics
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Phylogeny34609528Nesterenkonia sedimenti sp. nov., isolated from marine sediment.Xie F, Pei S, Zhang Y, Tian Y, Zhang GArch Microbiol10.1007/s00203-021-02596-w2021Bacterial Typing Techniques, DNA, Bacterial/genetics, *Fatty Acids/analysis, *Geologic Sediments, Micrococcaceae, Phospholipids/analysis, Phylogeny, RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/genetics, Sequence Analysis, DNA, Vitamin K 2Transcriptome


20215Parte, A.C., Sardà Carbasse, J., Meier-Kolthoff, J.P., Reimer, L.C. and Göker, M.List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN) moves to the DSMZ10.1099/ijsem.0.004332
21687Curators of the DSMZ Institut DSMZ-Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH (DSM 27959)
66792Julia Koblitz, Joaquim Sardà, Lorenz Christian Reimer, Boyke Bunk, Jörg OvermannAutomatically annotated for the DiASPora project (Digital Approaches for the Synthesis of Poorly Accessible Biodiversity Information)
67770Curators of the JCM
67771Curators of the KCTC