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The simple search allows for queries by entering parts or the full species name, a culture collection number (e.g. DSM 123), the BacDive ID (e.g. 1828) or even a sequence accession number (e.g. AB175650) The simple search function allows for combinatorial queries using “AND”, “OR” and “AND NOT” (e.g. DSM 1 OR DSM 2). Combinatorial search only works properly, if you write “AND”, “OR” and “AND NOT” in upper cases. This query functionality can also be found in the upper left site of each strain detail view.


While entering the first letters, matching species names are suggested in a drop down menu together with the number of matching strains.



By selecting the check box right to the query field  the free text search within several main fields of the BacDive database is activated. These fields include content in text format from all thematic sections of




If a submitted query for a species name leads to an empty result set, the system suggests names that are alike the entered search term.