Dowload selection

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As long as you don't have selected anything for export the download selection is empty.



By your choices made in the result list and the strain detailed view you can compile your individual list for a CSV export of strains that is stored within the download selection. The download selection only remains valid during your page visit. During your BacDive session you can leave and return to the download selection by clicking on the referring tab on the navigation bar.

Exemplaric download selection list. Click to enlarge.

Exemplaric download selection list. Click to enlarge.


The panel at the top of the list shows the number of selected strains. Note that the maximum number of strains for a CSV export is limited to 200.



Individual strains can be removed any time from the download selection.


With the custom export function the data that should be exported can be chosen by clicking the according check boxes. This function is especially useful, if the export  of all data is too complex.