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The BacDive advanced search offers large-scale queries combining several data fields for comparative analyses of a multitude of strains. Here the advanced search form in overview:


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You can individually compile even sophisticated queries by combining the available search fields for text and numerical data fields. Automatically each field where phrases are entered or selections are made is included to your query.


The advanced search in detail:

Text based data fields may be queried with phrases by the “begins with”, “ends with”, “contains” and “exact” filters.


Numerical data fields can be filtered by “=”, “<”, “>” and by a range by choosing “between min-max”.



Certain fields enroll a drop down menu with a list of possible entries, e.g. methods of GC-content measurement.



Data fields containing “true” or “false “ just have to be selected by one click.



You can also exclude certain phrases or values from text and numerical data fields. This search would explicitly exclude all strains that are member of the genus Bacillus.




By hovering over with your mouse a tool tip for each field is displayed.