Strain identifier BacDive ID:133 Species:Edaphobacter aggregans Strain Designation:Wbg-1
Type strain:Yes Culture col. no.:DSM 19364, ATCC BAA-1497
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  • [Ref.: #8075] Sample type/isolated from protorendzina (leptosol) in a deciduous forest near Würzburg
    [Ref.: #8075] Geographic location (country and/or sea, region) northern Bavaria
    [Ref.: #8075] Country Germany
    [Ref.: #8075] Continent Europe
    [Ref.: #21411] Sample type/isolated from Soil sample, protorendzina (leptosol), upper 8 bis 13 cm of Ah horizon
    [Ref.: #21411] Sampling date 2001-02-00
    [Ref.: #21411] Geographic location (country and/or sea, region) deciduous forest near Würzburg (northern Bavaria)
    [Ref.: #21411] Country Germany
    [Ref.: #21411] Continent Europe
    [Ref.: #21411] Enrichment culture composition soil crumbs were placed on agar plates ammonium mineral salts medium containing (per litre) 0.1 g NH4Cl, 0.2 g MgSO4 . 7H2O, 0.04 g CaCl2, 0.001 g sequestrene Fe [ethylenediaminedi(o-hydroxyphenylacetic) acid (Fe EDDHA)], 0.1 ml trace elements et al., 1970) and 10 ml sterile-filtered 100 mM NaH2PO4/ (Whittenbury Na2HPO4 buffer (pH 7.0), Incubation at 20 uC in a gastight chamber containing 20% (v/v) methane in air yielded large, slimy, semi-transparent masses composed primarilyof the ethane-oxidizing proteobacterium Methylocellasilvestris (Dunfield et al., 2003) around the soil crumbs on the plates. After several transfers, colonies were streaked on R2A agar (Oxoid) co-culture with the methaneoxidizing proteobacterium Methylocella silvestris
    [Ref.: #21411] Enrichment culture temperature 20  ̊C